NIHM Association

  • Creative Arts Club
  • Grow with Us Club
  • iCreate


NIHM Association was established by the Department of Hotel Management to help its students secure its due place in the hotel industry. The aim of the association is to help students achieve a high standard in hospitality profession and its related activities as well as to build an image for themselves as well of the industry. The association has mainly three clubs under it, namely:

  1. Grow With Us Club
  2. Creative Arts Club

Through the activities of these clubs, the overall development of the students is focused with ample opportunities to establish their creativity and innovativeness.


The purpose of Creative arts club is to encourage hotel management students to be more creative. The club focuses on whipping out different ideas from students which in turn helps in enhancing their individual thinking and perspective. The club helps in improving learning, decision making, imagination, collaboration and teamwork among students. Creative arts club helps students to enhance their creative skills. The creativity arts club is not just about being creative it also involves management skills. The club is also responsible for organizing various department events for the students.

To recognize and encourage the creative skills of students through innovation and experimentation in the field of hospitality.


  • Bring together the ideas of students into reality by engaging them in different activities
  • Incorporate Earn while learning programs in each academic year.
  • Introduce Product Development and Marketing Skills in students

The basic objectives of creative arts club activities are:

  • To impart skills for development and augmentation of personality of students.
  • To develop creativity among students
  • To increase awareness about hospitality industry
  • To enhance the participation level among the students.
  • To encourage students in organizing various events in campus

Creative Arts Club Activities

  • Mathew’s Muthabikh
  • Escoffier Café Alfresco
  • World record attempts
  • Food festival (theme dinner)

Creative Arts Club Faculty Coordinator

  • Mr. Manu M U – Assistant Professor – NIHM – Naipunnya School of Management


The grow with us club aims to impart skill training to hotel management students to mould as a responsible hospitality professional. The club helps to impart and inculcate hospitality industry values in students via various industry interaction activities and soft skill training programmes. The club helps in boosting the students’ confidence, adds other skills to participate in group discussion, debates etc to utilize the opportunities in hospitality industry


To inculcate knowledge in future generations of global hospitality professionals along with NIHM – a club that swears exceptional value over and above the academic boundaries.


To create a union between NIHM and the students for mutual development, thereby incorporating an awareness about working environment, working methods, employment practices, new trends, innovations and procedures in a hotel that would help them become a world class hotelier.

The basic objectives of grow with us club activities are:

  • To improve the quality of hospitality education adequately to meet the needs of the industry.  
  • To enlist participation of hospitality industry in BMS hotel Management Programmes with a view to motivate student
  • To develop awareness about the job functions in the industry.
  • To develop Attitudes to adapt to industrial environment.
  • To identify proper practical and relevant knowledge and skills required for the industry
  • To identify Working environment in the industry
  • To develop good work culture in students.

Grow With Us Club activities

  • Department assemblies
  • Industrial Interactions
  • Industrial Visits
  • Industrial Exposure Training
  • Placements

Grow With Us Club Coordinator

  • Akhil Manohar – Assistant Professor – NIHM – Naipunnya School of Management

iCreate CLUB

iCreate clubs is an incubation center designed to foster innovation and entrepreneurship culture among the hotel management students iCreate club aims to develop individual talent, skills and personality to give each business the best possible start, thus fostering entrepreneurship at a local and national level. The objective of the centre is to offer unique product development, which will encourage students to imagine and design novel solutions. The club aims at bringing up innovations and creativity among students which will help them in their future journey. After the regular working hour students can stay back to develop their talents in their area of interest. Under the guidance of experienced faculties students are getting chance to experience various aspects Food & Beverage Service, Production, Housekeeping & Front office.


Students are the future leaders, entrepreneurs, hospitality and restaurant professional, culinary experts who are dedicated to learn and develop various cuisines, innovative service procedure.


Interested students from hotel management department have an opportunity to experiment and develop new products and recipes in food & beverage production and service. Also, the students are encouraged to do flower arrangements of their own.

The basic objectives of iCreate club activities are:

  • To nurture innovations in areas of hospitality industry
  • To provide an opportunity for everyone to innovate, envisage and develop creativity
  • To provide a conducive working environment for the incubates to nurture their innovative ideas.
  • To Identify the innovative young minds and energize them.
  • To encourage students to convert projects into marketable products.
  • Encourage students to show their innovation in the intercollege competitions

iCreate Club Activities

  • Evening Skill development Programme (After the academic schedule)

iCreate Club Coordinator

  • Preeju Scaria – Associate Professor – NIHM – Naipunnya School of Management