Le Sommelier – Wines & Spirits

  • Instructor: Admin @Nihm
  • Lectures: 3
  • Students: 250
  • Duration: 30 hours


For student who is seeking a core understanding of wines, this course will explore the major grape varieties and important wine regions in which they are grown. You’ll learn about the styles of wines produced from these grapes as well as key classifications and labelling terminology. Teach to develop your ability to describe wine and account in detail for the style, quality. How to make appropriate wine recommendations and food pairing. A basic overview of the key categories of spirits and liqueurs will also be provided.

Total no of hours                   –           30 hours

Mode of Examination           –           Theory (01-hour exam)


  • How wine is made
  • What factors influence wine style
  • Social responsibility
  • The key white and black grape varieties noble grape and their characteristics
  • The important wine-producing regions of the world in which these grapes are grown
  • Label terminology
  • Food and wine pairing principles
  • How to describe wine.
  • The principal categories of spirits and liqueurs, and how they are made

*Course is designed as per syllabus of WSET Level 2 *

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HoD, Associate Professor

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