Certificate Course in Event Management in Hospitality Industry

  • Instructor: Admin @Nihm
  • Lectures: 5
  • Students: 251
  • Duration: 30 hours

Total no of hours                   –           30 hours

Mode of Examination           –           Theory (01-hour exam)

This is an enabling course which aims to give students a formal and technical exposure to professional MICE skills. The approach is practical in nature. The course will provide an opportunity to understand effective document preparation and presentation of MICE.


  1. Understand simple range of MICE
  2. Understand the aspects of professional Event Management arrangements.
  3. Demonstrate some control of essential basic necessities, structures with event or theme preparations.

Key Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Understand and extract the essential information of event management.
  2. Perform a variety of different functions including Business meeting arrangements, orientation and farewells, invitations in food festival, etc.
  3. Understand people, places, likes and dislikes and series of wats in events.
  4. Understand the form and function of the basic official preparations.
  5. Performa range official support through formal and informal writings, preparing reports, letters, agenda, accounts summery etc.
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HoD, Associate Professor

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