Certificate Course Creative Arts In Bakery & Carving

  • Instructor: Admin @Nihm
  • Lectures: 5
  • Students: 251
  • Duration: 30 hours

Total no of hours                   –           30 hours

Mode of Examination           –           Theory30(minutes), Practical (01 hour)

This is an enabling course which aims to give students a technical exposure to skill development and professional entrepreneur skills. The approach is practical in demonstration. The course will provide an opportunity to use F & B Production lab-based tools for effective product preparation and presentation.


  1. Understand the organization chart and kitchen hierarchy of bakery department
  2. Describe aspects of different ingredients used in bakery
  3. Produce/ understand bread faults and remedies of bakery products
  4. Demonstrate the essential of carving occasional

Key Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  1. Identify and differentiate the small and large equipment used in confectionery
  2. Prepare and Present basic sponges
  3. Prepare and Present different cookies and biscuits
  4. Prepare and Present basic pastries and its derivatives
  5. Prepare basic icings, toppings, hot and cold desserts
  6. Importance of carving.
  7. Care and precautions while doing carving.
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HoD, Associate Professor

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