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Rules and Regulations

  • Present yourself neat and clean.
  • Tie must be proper and elegantly worn.
  • Use only mild deodorant.
  • Shave regularly, as the stubbles do not suit our standards.
  • Conservative and well maintained short neatly cut hair.
  • Should not fall on forehead, touch the ear or touch the collar.
  • Neatly combed, not oily.
  • Moustache neatly trimmed.
  • Moustache should not cover upper lip.
  • Face, clean shaved.
  • Beard only permitted as part of religious sentiments.
  • Clean and dirt free
  • No nicotine, carbon or ink stains on fingers.
  • No ring can be worn except marriage ring.
  • No bracelets or bands (except for religious reasons)
  • Wrist watch should be conservative and not flashy or too large.
  • Leather strap should either be black, brown or tan.
  • Metallic strap should be gold or silver in color.
  • Well maintained, well-polished, in good condition.
  • Only black shoes are permitted.
  • Socks must be black, matching the trousers and shoes.
  • Well pressed and clean uniform.
  • Uniform trousers, front creased.
  • Spotless, well ironed uniform tie.
  • No loose threads or broken buttons.
  • Cuffs and collars must be stain free and clean.
  • Belt should be plain black, not flashy buckle, not more than 1.5” wide.
  • Always wear a vest. (Cut banyans)

Students should wear their uniform for practical as instructed below.

  • White Drill Chef Coat
  • Black and White check terry cotton trousers
  • White Drill Aprons
  • Checked Scarf
  • Checked Dusters
  • Black Cotton Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes
  • Production Tool Kit
  • Black terry cotton trousers
  • White full sleeved shirt (a single pocket on the left without a flap)
  • Black bow tie
  • Black Cotton Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes with laces
  • Black belt
  • Ivory colour damask napkins (22” x 22”)
  • White casement waiters cloth (18” x 24”)
  • Service tool kit (including wine opener)
  • Black terry cotton trousers
  • White full sleeved or Half sleeved shirt
  • Black Apron or Check
  • Checked Dusters
  • Black terry cotton trousers
  • White full sleeved shirt
  • Tie/ Scarf
  • Black Cotton Socks
  • Black Leather Shoes Semester I