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Our Mission & Vision


Naipunnya College aims to be a national centre of excellence for value based, in-clusive and holistic education and research, moulding our students into highly profi-cient and responsible global citizens.


• Accomplish intellectual and professional excellence by creating an insightful,facilitating and mentoring, yet disciplined academic atmosphere.
•Cultivate a spirit of inquiry, advocacy and scientific temper among the members of the College.
• Execute academic and administrative plans and policies in an environment of transparency, equity and fairness.
• Ensure maximum resource efficiency as a responsibility towards the future of the society in which we live.
• Enhance awareness about human rights, cultural and spiritual heritage, and the environment.
• Develop leadership qualities among the students to be the change leaders of tomorrow and equip them to meet the challenges of a world without frontiers.
• Leverage cutting edge technologies for dissemination of knowledge and for instructional methods.
• Create and maintain physical infrastructure which will support the Vision and Mission, and which will be symbolic of the College’s aspirations.


•Our Values, will set a framework for building and sustaining our College’s culture. We honour these values and hold ourselves accountable to them.
• Dignity of the Individual — Respect diversity and facilitate members of our College to discover their multi-dimensional talents and grow to their full potential.
• Freedom with Accountability — Freedom to seek the truth, of thought and expression while holding ourselves accountable for our actions and conduct.
• Openness - Listen to other view points, and value and acknowledge them.
• Pursuit of Excellence - Value superior performance and continue to strive towards achieving the unachievable.
• Integrity - Discipline, equity and fairness will be the basis of all our decisions.
• Responsibility to the Environment - Respect the planet we inhabit and commit to environmentally sustainable practices only.